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Vybrid USB Loading Utility

Question asked by Rod Kronschnabel on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Ross Mcluckie

Is there a Windows-based utility program for USB (Serial Loader) that can be used to download a boot image programming application (for on-board NAND Flash) into the on-chip RAM?   The app would handshake with the PC to obtain a boot image for the NAND device (parallel, not QSPI), then program the NAND, so the next time we reset, the image is loaded from NAND.  We have the jumpers on our Vybrid demo board set to boot from NAND Flash, but there is no boot image in the device.  We believe that (based on the documentation, Figure 19-1 of the Vybrid RM), the high-level on-chip Boot ROM flow will drop into "Download and Authenticate Image Using USB/UART" mode.  We are wondering if this serial loader/programmer application exists already from FSL, or do we have to create our own.  Thanks in advance...