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My USBDM is not stable

Question asked by baode wang on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by pgo

Hi pgo,

1,I made a USBDM for kinetis KL05. The hardware is USBDM_SWD_SER_JS16CWJ_V2.0.Because USBDM interface of SWD is Kinetis 20p .But my demo board SWD interface is Kinetis10pin.So I use a adapter bewteen knitis 10pin and kinetis 20pin and The adapter is USBDM_JM60.It can work like that.

The board in the picture is my adapter.



2,But When I remove adapter,I connect kinetis 20pin with kinetis 10pin.It can't work.



can you give me some suggestion?Is there other people to meet the question?