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Charging temperature control

Question asked by Ivan Golob on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by GraceH
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just a question about the battery charger temperature control.


Can I disable the internal die temperature control (monitorDieTemp=0 in "arch/arm/mach-mx28/device.c") and leave enabled only a battery temperature control with a NTC connected to a LRADC ?



I ask this because sometimes the system stops and then resumes the battery charging due to a high die temperature. This is strange because the die temperature doesn't seem to rise too much, but the driver, when the battery is charging, returns that the die temperature is too high; the "MeasureInternalDieTemperature" function returns 314 when the battery is not charging, 340 when the battery is charging and this value stops the charge, but then almost instantly the charge is resumed (this is strange, the returned value falls almost immediately to the lower level 314).



When I measure the temperature with the NTC connected on the battery the temperature remains almost constant.



Is this normal? Did you already see something similar?



Thanks, best regards.