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sabrelite imx6 lcd not displaying correct colors

Question asked by varsmolta on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by ricardo sousa
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Attached is a pic and a video of a 2.4 inch lcd that I am trying to use in RGB 16 bit mode connected to a sabrelite imx6. The colors don't come out right. I have triple checked the pinouts. There is an abundance of blues. When I try to play video, it looks bluish and pixelated. The video attached is bugbuckbunny. Has anyone encountered this? I've tried using fbset to change the bpp to 18 and test it as well (making the corresponding changes to the lcd pinouts for 18-bit mode) but fbset does not seem to set the bpp. It is always hard-coded to 16. FYI, i've used a beaglbone to test that the lcd is not a defect, so the problem is real. any input is appreciated. Thankslcd.jpg