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Problems in SDCard interface for TWRK60N512 SCH-26548 REV D

Question asked by Akshaya Mukund Hosalli on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Tim Hutchinson

I am able to run the default SDCard example project, however when I try running the an application which uses a similar interface my project crashes at the fopen() stage.

I was able to run my application earlier with another uSDCard but I am not able to reproduce that behavior with any other SDCard. I have noticed some mention in the Errata about the IR Receiver circuit causing some interference and also that while using SDCards in this revision it helps to Lock the SDCard and also disconnect the J16 jumper, but neither solution works for me. Does anyone have any clue about these problems. Could it have anything to do with the SDCard clock speed ?


I am using MQX 3.7. I kind of stuck with this since the orignal application used 3.7 and migrating my application changes to 3.8 will take a while.


PS: I tried reducing the clock speed as well but to no avail.