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Problems with C++ and Codewarrior

Question asked by ernestbori on Jun 26, 2013



I'm trying to convert to C++  a project made in C, but I am having some problems.


I have tested them with Codewarior 10.2 on linux and Codewarrior 10.3 on Windows (Professional Edition license) with the same results on both of them. I have also tested them on our own board and on the demoboard with the same results.


We are developing it with Coldfire V1 MCF51AC256A.


The problem is that I'm porting a function that it is working on C, to C++ and it doesn't work as expected. That funcion enables a Fextimer to generate a periodic interrupt. I see that the number of interrupts generated in both cases are not the same. It can be related to the fact that when I generate a C++, even with the minimum code) when I debug it , always triggers an exception (vector 4 'Illegal instruction') and I don't know why, because I don't put any assembler code.


I hope anyone can give me a clue about it, because I'm stuck.


I've attached two projects one in C and one in C++ (with the same code, but ine generated as a C project and the other one in C++). I only enable the flextimer and set or reset the PortF bit to test with the oscilloscope the signal so I can see the frecuency generated.


I couldn't send the projects because it was detected as a virus, and I send only the code.



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