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Problem with the ROM Version (CME-555)

Question asked by Schobie on Jun 25, 2013

Hello Community!

I have a problem with my CME555 board and the codewarrior v8.7.

At the codewarrior Settings I can choose between the debug and the rom version. When I use the debug version everything is okay and I can the run my program. When I choose the ROM Version I get an error (see attachment) and I don’t know why? Because the error happens in the __start.c file and I use the same file for the debug and in the rom version. In the linker settings I choose for both Versions the same settings:

-__start           as entrypoint

-0x3f9800          as codeaddress(int. RAM)

-0xcf0000          as stackaddress (ext. RAM)


When I power up my board and run the rom version there is the described error. But when I power up the board and first run the debug version and after a SW-reset the rom version, both versions are okay. So it seems to me that in the rom version not everything is initialized.

Have you an Idea how to fix this problem?