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ntfs support problem of ssd on imx6 sabresd board

Question asked by kai sun on Jun 25, 2013

Hi ,

     I am using imx6 sabresd board as my development platform, using android 4.0 as my operating system.  I've added some code, now my board can recognize fat32 format ssd, and can read and write properly.  Now I need to used ntfs format but the code does not support. 


I usd the patch(0004-ntfs_support.patch ) on HDMI Dongle Reference Design Release

adn used the folder (cp folder external/ntfs-3g) on i.MX6 OTT TVBox HW/SW Reference Design Release (ICS4.0.4_1.0.0-alpha)


but my board can not recongnize ntfs foramt ssd.


Does anyone know if this knowledge, or give me some advice. Thank you very much for any help