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USBDM Integration with Code Warrior 5.7 / 4.5

Question asked by andrew_gatt on Jun 25, 2013
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I'm very new to USBDM and CodeWarrior. I've been tasked with updating an legacy product. I've been given a USBDMLT from and a licensed copy of Freescale Code Warrior 5.7, build 1932. Although the installed directory is "CW for HC12 V4.5", which makes it sound like it is Code Warrior V4.5 - so i'm already confused.


I've downloaded and installed the USBDM drivers, I've installed the standalone programs and can talk to the USBDM, which in turn can interogate the target processor (the detect chip button works). So i'm satisfied that it has installed correctly.


The problem comes when I try to use this within the HiWave debugger. Because the version of Code Warrior i'm using isn't recognised by the installation process of the USBDM program, the integration changes aren't made. This means the TBDML or Open Source BDM options aren't available when selecting a connection. I only get


Abatron BDI

HCS12 Serial Monitor

P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro

Full Chip Simulation

SofTec HCS12


I've been reading a lot about various DLLs and getting the HiWave to talk to a new GDI DLL, but I don't know if this still applies or if it does, where to get it from. My client is not being a lot of help either, so I was really hoping someone here could point me in the right direction or simply tell me this isn't going to work and save days of hair pulling!