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[Discovery Options] page in project properties C/C++ Problem

Question asked by georglerm on Jun 25, 2013



I created a 'bareboard' C++ project for the FRDM-KL25Z  board.

I built the project with no errors, but when I start the debugger i get the '[Discovery Options] page in project properties C/C++ Problem' warning, and the process stops and prompts to continue with error or stop.


I had a look at the Discovery Options in the properties page, but this is a bit new to me, so not sure how to resolve this. When I ignore the error and continue to debugging it starts up everything and loads the code to the board and runs with no problem.


I have included a zip file with the project with this post. No modifications or any changes were made to the file or settings.


Any help/direction will be most appreciated.



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