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USBDM wrong speed detection with QE4 and USBDM4.10.5

Question asked by Luciano Nicolau on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by pgo

Hello PGO,


I create a test project with 9S08QE4 and fbus=8MHz and the TCL interpreter synchronize it with 4.5MHz, the FDIV is 0x16 calculated by initFlash{} script.

It works but the best value for FDIV is 0x2A (200kHZ).


It is very strange because this QE4 when programmed by HCS08_FlashProgrammer seems to be faster than the other families. Do the HCS08_FlashProgrammer use the same sync function of TCL_Interpreter?


I am already ready to make my stand-alone. The TCL_Interpreter are very helpful to understand the flash programming.




Luciano Nicolau