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TWRK60D100M Quick Start Demo Source?

Question asked by lmg on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by lmg

Hey all,


I'm just getting started with the Tower System. I have a TWRK60D100M board with a TWR-SER. Like it's predecessor (TWRK60N512), it comes loaded with a nice little demo program.


A nice little exercise that is provided for the older version is to rebuild and re-flash the demo program. Step by step instructions and source code files are provided to help folks like me who are just getting started.


From what I read, I do not expect that code (for the old version) to run properly on my hardware.


So my question is: Is there source code available for the ...D100 board so I can rebuild and re-flash my board with the demo program? I can't find it anywhere.