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IMX233 may internal watchdog sometime fail ?

Question asked by goodluk65 on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by 小辉哥
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my company designed two years ago a customized industrial board based on i.mx233.


On the board there is a Linux kernel 2.6.31 from LTIB+Patches, LTIB rootfs and it is running a customized software which reset watchdog every 5sec.

We tested the watchdog on laboratory and it may work fine here.

The board run always in performance mode and do not use any kind of power save function.


Now we discovered that the watchdog rarely may not work. We found some board running on the field, which are "frozen" but if we switch off/on the power, the board start fine.


Do someone knows if there are conditions in which the imx233 internal watchdog can fail to restart the processor or if there are know problems using internal watchdog ?


thank you in advance