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task priority problem nandflash mfs TWR-K60

Question asked by Okan ERCAN on Jun 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by Martin Latal



  I have twr-k60 and twr-ser modules. I want to use all features of MQX on this tower system then I will develop my own custom board.


I am able to use the features listed below in one project at the same time except for nandflash.

- sdcard

- usb flash disk

- nandflash (I have problem with mfs)

- ftp server

- telnet server

- web server

- shell

- my appliccation


I also want to use nandflash over mfs.

I have 4 tasks listed below. Main task starts ftp server, web server and telnet. Then shell runs in main task.


{ USB_TASK,     USB_task,             2000,  8L,     "USB",        MQX_AUTO_START_TASK, 0,     0},

{ RS485_TASK,   task_ioDevicesComm,  2000,   6,    "rs_485",     MQX_AUTO_START_TASK, 0,     0 },

{ SDCARD_TASK,     task_mySDCard,         2000,    11,        "SDcard",    MQX_AUTO_START_TASK, 0,     0},

{ MAIN_TASK,       Main_task,           3000,    12,        "main",        MQX_AUTO_START_TASK, 0,     0},


    TELNETSRV_init("Telnet_server", 7, 2048, (RTCS_TASK_PTR) &Telnetd_shell_template );

    FTPd_init("FTP_server", 7, 4096 );



I am able to run nandflash example without error NAND Flash File System patch for Freescale MQX™ RTOS 4.0.0

But when I call fsopen from shell, shell task(main task) hangs. But the other task are running well.


Can someone give me advise for task priorities.

For example should task priorities of the tasks using mfs be same?

Should rtcs tasks's priorities be higher than mfs tasks(usb, sdcard, nandflash tasks)

Is there such constraints for task priorities?


Thank you....