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CW10.4se, K60 TWR CDC example + code size limitation warning

Question asked by Frost on Jun 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2013 by Frost

I'm getting a code size limitation warning when I try and debug the CDC example from the USB stack V4.11. This is on segger Jlink or OSBDM debug options.


Map file output:

# Memory map:

  v_addr        p_addr   size          name

  00000000 00000000 000001E0 .interrupts m_interrupts

  00000800 00000800 00004920 .app_text  m_text

  1FFF0000 00005120 000006F0 .app_data  m_data

  1FFF06F0 1FFF06F0 00000BD0 .bss       m_data

  1FFF12C0 00005810 00000018 .romp      m_data

  00000400 00000400 00000000 .cfmprotect m_cfmprotrom


So if you add the sizes, it comes out at 24024Bytes decimal. K series has 128KB limitation according to this page.


I'm running CW10.4se on windows 7 pro x64. The K70 example worked fine over OSBDM (jlink wouldn't work for some reason) and when I hit debug, it says it can't continue, and to check my licence.


Anybody got any suggestions???