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Problem with GPIO portB access on the p1021rdb

Question asked by alfonsokame on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Francesco Lucconi



i m struggling to set the pins of the GPIO PORTB high using a GPIO driver.


For Example PB4, PB6, PB7.


is there any documentation on how to configure the pins in the device tree and how to use it in the kernel?


The problem is here that these seems to be qe pins and there is apparently no gpio controller in the p1021rdb.

I already activated qe and qe_gpio in the kernel.


I tried to configure the gpios in the device tree, but the call of the function gpio_direction_output(36, 1)  in my simple driver probe fails.


1.- Is there any Documentation about how to configure and use P1021 (qe) GPIOs?


2.- Which gpio number corresponds to PB 4?


4- How to get the relevant GPIO pins successfully requested using the device tree?


It looks like the sysfs gpio for the p1021 does'nt work


Im struggling for days to get it work, please help. Thanks


When I use code Codewarrior and the USB Tap. I can toggle those pins successfully using the CPDIR and CPDAT register.


Thanks very much for your reply!


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