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USB dongle does not work for Win7

Question asked by metwk on Jun 20, 2013
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Recently, my company migrated from WinXP to Win7 64-bit OS. As a result, the Metrowerks compiler USB dongle (unlimited license) that was fully functional on WinXP would not work with Win7.


With the old driver setup files, FlexLm could not display the Dongle FlexLm ID.


I implemented the following steps,

Uninstall any version of current driver using --> Sentinel_HASP_Run-time_cmd_line --> haspdinst.exe -r -fr -kp -Purge [Dongle LED switch Off after uninstall]

Install --> Win7 USB dongle drivers --> FLEXId_D_USBDongle_Driver_x64_64bit_Windows [Dongle LED switch ON after install and reboot]

Execute lmtools_x64_64bit_Windows so that FlexLm ID could be detected and seen.


Now as my USB dongle could be detected by Win7 and FlexLM showing the ID, I tried to build my source code using the existing unlimited license (that was fully functional on WinXP). However, the license would no more work and the command line would display the error msg - ERROR C5300: Limitation: code size 1969 > 1024 bytes.


The license.dat file is located at the same location where it was stored previously while being used on WinXP.


Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?


Thanks a lot.


Message was edited by: Sameer Chaudhari  Further, Freescale provided me with a test license.dat file. This test license works but my original unlimited license does not work.