Paul Hunt

MQX project wizard

Discussion created by Paul Hunt on Jun 20, 2013

I recently got started with Codewarrior 10.4/Eclipse for Coldfire V2 processors. I also downloaded the latest MQX executable (4.0). As I am going through the getting started doc I have noticed a few things different or missing and was curious as to if I am missing something.


First, I am unable to drag and drop a .wsd file from the MQX directory for a sample board. Codewarrior will not open it up as a set of projects, it simply opens the WSD as a editable file


Second, The getting started doc shows the flow for the MQX wizard as being able to create a New Application followed by adding libraries to your new application. In Codewarrior the way it is on my system now, it only allows you to pick a demo board to build an example project on. Why did that change? Or am I missing something as far as an update? I did come across a document that shows how to make a custom bsp, but is there a way to change the wizard to include your new bsp?