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CW 10.4 editor & include browser display problem for PXS30_Tower project. Operator error?

Question asked by Paul Murray on Jun 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by Paul Murray

Is anyone else seeing this issue?


    The PXS30_Tower project defines two Project Configuration options:

    PXS3020_INTERNAL_RAM and PXS3020_INTERNAL_FLASH. The Prefix subdirectory

    has an include file for each.


    PXS3020_INT_FLASH_VLE_DPM.prefix contains '#define ROM_VERSION 1',

    PXS3020_INT_RAM_VLE_DPM.prefix has no define for ROM_VERSION.



    If I select PXS3020_INTERNAL_RAM as my Project Configuration and open

    PRC1_Sources/_start_p1.c and look at line 110, I see a conditional

    block grayed-out as expected, because ROM_VERSION is not defined by

    PXS3020_INT_RAM_VLE_DPM.prefix. So good so far.


    However, if I select PXS3020_INTERNAL_FLASH and look at line 110 of

    _start_p1.c, the preprocessor block remains grayed-out.

    If I open an 'Include Browser' window and drop _start_p1.c into it,

    the first file listed is PXS3020_INT_RAM_VLE_DPM.prefix. This is true

    for either Project_Configuration.


    NB: This is simply a viewing problem; the builds include the correct

    prefix files and generate the correct code. There is probably a simple