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Boot Problem:FEC: Link is down 7949

Question asked by Vishvapathi Karnan on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by Vishvapathi Karnan

finished compiling LTIB on Ubuntu 12.04. Copied bootloader, uImage and rootfs files in sdcard as per the LTIB document. When i power ON the EVB connecting via serial port getting below problem.


U-Boot 2009.08 (Jun 19 2013 - 15:09:12)                                
CPU: Freescale i.MX6 family TO1.2 at 792 MHz                           
Thermal sensor with ratio = 189   

Temperature:   33 C, calibration data 0x5ac4de7d

mx6q pll1: 792MHz                 
mx6q pll2: 528MHz                 
mx6q pll3: 480MHz                 
mx6q pll8: 50MHz                  
ipg clock : 66000000Hz

ipg per clock : 66000000Hz

uart clock: 80000000Hz
cspi clock: 60000000Hz                                                
ahb clock : 132000000Hz                                               
axi clock   : 264000000Hz                                                 
emi_slow clock: 132000000Hz                                               
ddr clock : 528000000Hz                                               
usdhc1 clock  : 198000000Hz                                               
usdhc2 clock  : 198000000Hz                                               
usdhc3 clock  : 198000000Hz                                               
usdhc4 clock  : 198000000Hz                                               
nfc clock : 24000000Hz                                                
Board: i.MX6Q-SABRESD: unknown-board Board: 0x63012 [POR ]                
Boot Device: SD                                                           
I2C:   ready                                                              
DRAM:   1 GB                                                              
MMC:   FSL_USDHC: 0,FSL_USDHC: 1,FSL_USDHC: 2,FSL_USDHC: 3                
*** Warning - bad CRC or MMC, using default environment                   
Out:   serial                                                             
Err:   serial                                                             
Found PFUZE100! deviceid=10,revid=11                                      
Net:   got MAC address from IIM: 00:04:9f:02:6c:a6                        
FEC0 [PRIME]                                                              
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0                                          
PHY indentify @ 0x1 = 0x004dd074                                          
FEC: Link is down 7949                                                    
Using FEC0 device                                                         
TFTP from server; our IP address is           
Filename 'uImage'.                                                        
Load address: 0x10800000                                                  
Loading: FEC: Link is down 7949                                           
FEC: Link is down 7949                                                    
FEC: Link is down 7949                                                    

FEC: Link is down 7949

The above line is repeating continuously....

Did i do any mistake while compiling or copying it to SD card??