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Issue with multiple SPI_BURST when imx6 comfigured in SPI SLAVE mode

Question asked by Mohammad Alam on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by peterw



I am using imx6 as a SPI SLAVE to communicate with external peripheral which is acting as SPI MASTER.

Size of data to be shifted out is more than 512KB. I am setting burst_length value to maximum which is 2^7 (128) words. My data is being shifted out in multiple SPI Burst, but I am getting a strange result at the end of each spi burst. My 128*1 + 1, 128*3 + 1, 128*5 + 1..... words are getting replaced with zeros. Rest of the data before and after these words are fine.


eCSPI settings

Burst Len = 0xFFF

bpw = 32

CPOL = 0

CPHA = 0



Am I missing something here?

Any pointers will be appreciated.