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Does iMX53 starter board have iMX534 on it?

Question asked by Liu Lijiao on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2013 by Mark Middleton
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Hi everybody,

I would like to use iMX534 that has a FlexCAN module. And for iMX53 series, there is Starter board, the website says this board support all iMX534,535,536, 537. But we have already bought a Starter, which has iMX535 on it. I'm wondering whether there is a starter board which has iMX534 on it?

Because I would like to use it for testing the CAN interface. We can not test it with the starter board we have now.  If all starter boards have iMX535 on it, how people develop CAN bus interface with it?


In addition, does the software package together with the board have driver for FlexCAN?


I appreciate any reponse here, thank you in advance.