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External RAM Flexbus using Processor Expert 10.4

Question asked by Cory schwarzmiller on Jun 18, 2013
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I installed Code warrior for MCU 10.4 (Eclipse IDE) and tried to compile some projects, but they are hanging up on the external memory definition section of the CPU bean. Specifically, where you specify a memory block, such as Memory block0. I use a start address of 0x20010000 and a size of 0xFF. Memory type RAM. In CW 10.2, when you defined a memory block, it would add a section to the "Memory Map", showing external RAM. This does not work even for blank, newly created projects. For example, start a bare-board project:

-MCF52259 Coldfire V2

-Full Board Support, No Optimizations

-Processor Expert

-Use Current Perspective

-configure the CPU component for external RAM, with the settings shown above.


Has anyone else got 10.4 to work? Should I revert to 10.2?


Thank You!