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Reading ADC_LDD values

Question asked by yogesh patel on Jun 17, 2013
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I have  TWR-K20D72M and I read the quick start pdf of the TWR-K20D72M .I am  Freescale MQX RTOS 4.0 BSP for TWR-K20D72M.

Now I want to read the ADC value which comes from the Potentiometer Already attach to the board. So I added ADC_LDD from processor expert and set the pin no. of the potentiometer mentioned in the Manual. My settings are shown in the picture attached. then I generate the code and build bsp.

My code for reading the value is below.



LDD_TDeviceData     *Analog_DeviceData;

LDD_TError           Analog;

LDD_TData           *Buffer_DAta;



static uint16_t value;

void Analog_task


  uint_32 initial_data



  puts("\nInitializing Analog device.....");

  Analog_DeviceData = AD1_Init(NULL);

  if (Analog_DeviceData == NULL)    {




  else {





  for(;;) {


  AD1_StartLoopMeasurement(&Analog_DeviceData); /* do conversion and wait for the result */

  AD1_GetMeasuredValues(&Analog_DeviceData,&Buffer_DAta); /* get the result into value variable */


   printf("\n - Buffer_DAta              = %d Hz", &Buffer_DAta);









But no output Shown I change the value.

Can any one suggest me the efficient way of reading the ADC values using MQX and Processor Expert.



ADC Freescale.png