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Facing problem with I2C in i.MX51 evk board

Question asked by electron guy on Jun 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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Hi all,

I have just started working with i.MX51 evaluation board and I am trying to write a byte of data to EEPROM (AT24C512B). This EEPROM is a part of expansion board and is not on the main board. The problem is I am not able to read whatever data I am writing, i.e I always read the value 0xFF or 0x00. So there must be two problems, either the write operation is failing or I am not accessing the right location while reading.

My question is how do i find out if the write operation is successful? Where are the control registers of I2C on i.MX51 processor using which I can monitor the ACK bit which would inturn tell me about the success/failure of the write operation?


Plz help


Thanks in advance