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Problems starting from internal Flash

Question asked by Tim Baalmann on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Tim Baalmann

Hi everybody,


I'm using MPC5604B on XPC56XX EVB Motherboard and XPC560B 100LQFP Minimodule.
I used RAppID Init for MPC560xB Version to generate source Code and added it to CodeWarrior IDE (Version 5.9.0).

Also I use P&E micro USB Multilink Interface and ICDPPCNEXUS Debugger (Version for CodeWarrior.


My program is using DSPI_2 to communicate with an EA DOGS102W-6 Display and also shows a simple "Hello World" on it.

I'm already able to load my program with the "Debug"-Button on RAM and internal Flash and start it with a 'go' command at the Debugger.

I changed the display for my "RAM-program" to differ it from the program on Flash.

So, I'm able to load on RAM and start that display ('go'), change program Counter to the address of Flash and also start that different display with 'go'.


Now I wanted to start the program without Debbuger, by just shutdown the board, unpluck the Debugger and start again.

But nothing is working and the Reset LED glows from shutdown til first reset command of Debugger.

RAppID  generated an romcopy.c file for Flash program, which I think should load from ROM to RAM.


Does anybody know what I need to execute my program at startup?

Do I have to turn off an option of the Debugger to just don't need the 'go' command or anything like that?


I appreciate any kind of help.