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TWR-K20D72M with MQX 4_0 msg demo with Potentiometer output.

Question asked by yogesh patel on Jun 14, 2013

Hello ,


I am new to freescale TWR-K20D72M . I have TWR-K20D72M board. I am using code warrior IDE to Program this board. I also Installed MQX 4_0 in code-warrior. I am also able to download and run msg_twrk20d72m program in mqx Folder. Now I want to Show the Potentiometer (which is present on the board) Output in the terminal (Hyper-terminal) using msg_twrk20d72m program . How Can I do this.


The other thing is How can I add two Different demo examples in one program(e.g msg_twrk20d72m +adc_twrk20d72m) .I tried to do it but it gives me lots of error.Does any One suggest me the reference or link where I can see the step by step procedure.