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Question about MPC8280's SDRAM machine

Question asked by 春新 张 on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by lunminliang

Hi All,

Here is a project use MPC8280. I use SDRAM machine connect SDRAM(32M16A2).The SDRAM have 4 internal banks, 13 rows, and 10 columns.

I  reference 《MPC8280RM Rev. 1, 12/2005》, SDRAM Address Multiplexing (SDAM and BSMA),but still have same


The reference book have examples,but all the examples are about SDRAM devices that have 4 internal banks, 12 rows, and 9 columns.

I copy the tables below.



My question is:

what is the meaning "-",is that I cann't use the pin?

for example I set SDMR[SDAM] = 100; Can I use A[14–15] for bank select pins?