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iMX6 sabreauto Hibernation display issue

Question asked by Subramani Venkatesh on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by Luigi Fioretti
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Recently we ported TuxOnIce Hibernation on iMX6 Auto board, though suspend and resume works partially, we are seeing couple of issues in resume


1. After suspend, when we unplug the power source( Base Board) and power it on to resume Hibernation image, the LCD does not show any pixel data or in that case Android Home screen is not showing up which is an expected behavior.


2. Instead of unplugging the power source, Reset the button on CPU board, the system resumes, we see Android Home screen on LCD, but the color of some pixels shows blue, instead of green.


I am not sure where is the problem in drivers in BSP, is this CPU board power issue(PCIe) or LCD driver issue? it will be nice if someone can comment on these issues. I appreciate it..