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Installation for Vybrid VF65GS10

Question asked by n00b1024 on Jun 13, 2013
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OP: I'm working on the Vybrid (TWR-VF65GS10) and am currently installing the hardware with the help of the "Quick Start Guide" (Doc # TWRVF65GS10QSG Rev 0). On pages 5 and 7, there's a reference to installation software at "Jump Start Your Design" and a lab guide, respectively, both at VF65GS10. However, I can't find either at the website, and I'm having trouble getting the tower module to connect to the computer. Also, the micro-USB-to-USB cable that came with the kit has two USB heads on the USB end of the cable. What are the two heads for?

Update: I mostly fixed the problem by connecting the microUSB-USB to J3 and the computer in order to supply power to the board, and am using a J-link for debugging. However, if it's possible to use just the microUSB-USB, I'd prefer to do that. There's also some mention in the lab guide of drivers that should be automatically installed when I connect the tower to the computer via microUSB-USB. However, I haven't been able to get that work. If it helps, I'm using Windows XP and IAR for debugging.