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cannot get flashx drivers working

Question asked by Lorenzo Fornari on Jun 13, 2013

i'm devoloping a simple gui on k70 tower, using mqx 4.0.1 and egui 3 in codewarrior 10.3.

After an usuccesfully attemp with external nand flash, i'm trying with internal flash, using provided flashx drivers, to store some data.

I started from the demo, that works good, but it writes and read olny once.

Modifying the demo to make sequential writes and reads at the same memory address (e.g. seeking -4096 from the end), some times it misses a write, and reads the value written at the previous cycle, though write() function returns the actual size of bytes that had to be written. Some times it misses even more than 1 cycle. I can't recognize if it is a write or read issue.

This in ideal condition... if i change memory location (seek to), or change the length of data to be written (these are the only changes i made: seek to different location or the number of bytes to write/read), i get different erroneous behavior: such as never write, or read the correct value (the last written) only after a reset, or other erratics...


driver problem, hw problem...? ideas?