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K60 FlexBus for MRAM and LCD

Question asked by weblar on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by weblar

I'm putting together a custom schematic which uses the FlexBus in multiplexed mode with 16bits for data and 16bits for the address.


I've connected FB_AD[0:15] to the address logic signals of an MRAM device and FB_AD[16:31] to the data logic signals with FB_BE7_0 and FB_BE15_8 connecting to the low byte, high byte pins of the MRAM device respectively. The relevant FB_OE_B and FB_RW_B signals are also connected.


I've also hooked up an LCD display working in 16bit 6800 mode to the FlexBus with FB_AD[16:31] connecting to the LCD_D[0:15] signals. The FB_RW_B signal also connects to the LCD_RW signal with the LCD_E pulled high.


FB_CS0_B is assigned to the MRAM and FB_CS1_B is assigned to the LCD.


Is the above configuration correct in terms of having the 16bit address and data buses round the right way? What do I do with the LCD_RST and LCD_DC signals - how do they map to the FlexBus?


I'm trying to work back from the TWR-LCD and TWR-MEM schematics and link through to the TWR-K60N512 schematic but I'm just getting confused.


Thanks in advance,