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Glucose Meter Design and Implementation (AN4364)

Question asked by danielsweeney on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by Santiago_Lopez

I'm looking into a project involving amperometric glucose sensing with several different test strip brands, and I came across your application note "Glucose Meter Fundamentals and Design" (AN4364, Rev. 1) and I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me that were only given cursory mention within your article.


1.) I am looking into developing a circuit to test the output from various test strips of different brands, and I saw that in your article, you mentioned a test strip receiver that would allow for electrical contact with the electrode leads on the test strip itself. I couldn't find mention of the actual part you used and that is currently what I'm looking for for use in my project. Would you be able to send me that part number/reference number and help me understand what alternatives you considered when finding this particular test strip to use?


2.) I am curious about the circuit you used for your design--I'm curious as to why you chose a four-op-amp design and what you found the benefits to be over another design. Do you have any suggestions for the glucose sensing circuitry?

3) I am also looking for control solutions for testing the system to help ensure accuracy within my testing. Which test solutions were used and how were they created or were they? Are plasma expanders or other medically-relevant molecules used in the glucose control solutions? How do you adjust for viscosity in the microfluidic environment of the test strip and is that even necessary?


Thank you very much!