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MC1322x USB Dongle as coordinator (ZTC)

Question asked by liza on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

So looking at other posts I think this this can be done but I'm struggling. I have the MC1322x USB Dongle and what I really want to do is program it via the ZTC to be a coordinator node.


My goal is pretty much the same as the individual here:

ZigBee dongle with pre-installed firmware?


But I'm struggling. I have managed to sort out the jumpers on the dongle so I can clear and upgrade the flash. I've tried putting the firmware images which come with the kit on but get no response to ztc commands.


I am currently struggling to find the right version of IAR Embedded work bench so have come close to generating my own image but I'm guessing that I can't get round this step. Any help would be appreciated.