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MQX with Processorexpert

Question asked by serhatitu on Jun 11, 2013

Hello Marek ,


Hi ,

i am using CW 10.3 and MQX 3.8 . I have done al things below .

But when i add a new component(BitIO_LDD) i get error about _mem_size definetion. File is at the attachment

Could you help me?



Re: Using MXQ with Processor Expert


Processor Expert is integrated with BSP. PEx project is a part of BSP library. If you open the existing BSP project which is based on PEx (project suffix _pe) in CW you will see Processor Expert folder in the project panel. This is the right place to add additional PEx components or make changes in component settings. When you build the BSP library all necessary files are copied into {MQX}\lib{BSP name} directory (e.g. twrk60n512.cw10). There are also C libraries (e.g. bsp_twrk60n512_d.a). This library is added by the project wizard into your newly created MQX application. MQX 3.7 contains two BSPs based on PEx. One for TWR-MK40 and the second one for TWR-MK60. Just note that PEx based BSP and non PEx based BSP uses the same name for BSP library (.a file) and directory in {MQX}\lib. It means you can easily build a BSP with/without PEx without modifying of your application (library paths are the same).


Modifying of the existing PEx demo applications is the best way how to start with PEx-MQX. These demos you can find in and directory in {MQX}\demo\pe_demo. Note that you should build BSP with PEx first ...


If you need an additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact me ...

Marek Vinkler