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Is i.MX 6S support H/W jpeg decoding?

Question asked by yongsukjang on Jun 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

I'm searhing H/W jpeg decoding information. But I can't.

But, find some interesting samples at "usr/share/imx-mm/video-codec/examples".


@ /rootfs/usr/share/imx-mm/video-codec/examples$ ls
bmp-dec  deinterlace  gif-dec  h264-dec  jpeg-dec  jpeg-enc  mpeg2-dec  mpeg4asp-dec  png-dec  uniform-test  vpu


It seems jpeg-dec example with VPU. But it's not compiled with many errors.


This is my questios.

  1. Is i.MX 6S's VPU support H/W jpeg decoding?
  2. If possible, how can I get running example and code?


Thanks for your attention.