CCSprotocolPlugin: failed to correctly configure JTAG chain - For Simulator Project

Discussion created by vijaykishore on Jun 11, 2013

I am using Code Warrior version 10.3 evaluation version.

We don't have a target board now.

So, I am trying to create a Simulator project.

For this I have selected P4080 processor.

I didn't modify any code after creating the project.

(There were some printf's in the main.c of Sources folder).


So, I just compiled the code. It happened successfully. And now when I tried to run, an error occured.
The issues which I faced are attached here as screenshots (as P4080_Simulator1 and P4080_Simulator2).


The procedure which I followed for creating, building and running a project is attached below as P4080_CW_SShots.doc.