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xFlash page erasing/writing to all Zeros on DSP56F8367

Question asked by Peter Becher on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Peter Becher

Hi All, I have been having a random problem that when writing a value to xFlash the flash page writen to gets erased to all zeros instead of FFFFs or written to all zeros instead of the proper data.


I use the PE InitFLASH bean using the Safe write method and the SetBlockFlash to write one or more words.


What appears to be happening is when I write a word to xFlash the function has to erase the flash to rewrite the new value.  It would appear to erase it to 0's instead of F's and then errors out.  The next time it writes, probably after power cycle, it still has the 0's but writes the proper new words.  I suppose there is a chance that it gets erased to all F's but then when writing the saved page back to flash it writes 0's instead of the backed up data.


It is a random problem that happens in the field so is hard to troubleshoot.


Anyone seen this?  Any suggestions?

Thanks, Pete