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Add an S19 file to a CodeWarrior project and have it compiled to a specific flash address.

Question asked by Eric Paulin on Jun 10, 2013

Hello everyone,


I hope this is the right forum for this question, if not, I'm sorry.  I am using the AN3275 - S12 All-Access Bootloader for the HCS12 Microcontroller Family.  So I have my application's CodeWarrior project and the boot loader's CodeWarrior project.  What I would like to do is add the .S19 file generated from the boot loader's project into the application's project.  I want the file to be written, basically as a text file, at a specific Flash address, for example @ 0x348000, at compile/build time.


The idea is when the application starts, it looks for a pattern in my non-volatile memory and if it doesn't find it then overwrite the boot loader with what is at 0x348000.


I'm using CodeWarrior 5.9 for S12(X) and the MC9512E256 microcontroller.  Also, for my application's project, I use the Processor Expert plugin to generate code.  I've attached the prm files of both projects to should the memory configuration.  The file application.prm is from the application's project which is automatically generated from the Processor Expert plugin.  The file P&E_ICD_linker.prm is from the application note (AN3275).



Thank you very much,




Eric Paulin


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