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zt c94 tablet sabre sd 3t

Question asked by chris simmons on Jun 10, 2013

have been trying to get the beta jb 4.1 and 4.2 jb builds working on this unit as i do believe zenithink has dropped dev on this particular tablet  way to early the kernel im using is the preloaded one with ics and it will run fine according to adb however..... nothing will display on the screen and i believe its to do with the lack of proper drivers  do to my horrid eyes im having a bear of a time compiling my own libs and kernel and would really appreciate someone with proper knowledge of the imx6q platform, to do a rom i an provide you with anything you may need and will gladly donate this is not professional by any means but on a business side of things will bring in more rev on the imxq6 platform as venders will sell more tablets