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Building K70 MCU based data acquisition board

Question asked by Phy Prabab on Jun 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by Monica Arvizu


I am an EE student that is some what new to Freescale and MQX.  I am designing a board to do data acquisition and have chosen the K70 as the MCU to use (combination of ADC channels, DSP, and memory).  I am working with the K70 tower schematic removing various components and adding in necessary external ADC, power, etc. Intended functionality of the K70 I need to exploit includes SPI, parallel bus, internal ADCs, and internal PWM.  I am not currently interested in most of the components of the K70 tower board, so basically just stripping out unnecessary parts on the reference design.


I have been playing with the K70 tower board using MQX, awesome stuff.  I want my new board to run MQX (once its completed of course!).  Could anyone give me pointers, next steps, documentation or personal experiences in getting MQX running on their own board(s)?


Thank you for your time!