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MC56F8014 bootloader

Question asked by chrislynch on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by Fiona Kuang


    We are using a MC56F8014 on a product. The device comes from Freescale pre programmed with a serial port bootloader (v1.3).


According to the serial port bootloader user guide:


"Bootloader versions 1.3 and lower are unable to fully process data in S3 records if the S-record data field contains an odd number of bytes. These versions of software assumed that all S3 records would contain an even number of actual data bytes. This assumption was based on the fact the 56800/E is a 16-bit architecture with 16-bit program opcodes.


A PERL script is available to modify S-record files containing odd S3 data. After using the script to convert an S-record file, it should be safe to use on all versions of the Bootloader software. Instructions for use are embedded within the script itself, and can be referenced by executing the script with an “-h” or “-help” option in the command line. Please reference the Freescale FAQ website,, to obtain this script; see FAQ #25759 "



I cannot find the above FAQ or perl script and hoped someone could provide it for me?


Thanks for the help