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End of Life Parts (M5225x, M5221x)

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by eric.limbert

Hi All / Freescale


Please could the following be clarified?


The following end of life announcement -

is showing some parts that are being used in production as being discontinued due to low sales, but replacement types are not obvious.


In particular M5225x parts that are being used in 144 MAPBGA are to be discontinued, meaning that there is no MAPBGA parts more offered - apart from the MCF52256VN80 which has 256k Flash, 32k SRAM and commerical temperature range. This will affect a new product that is presently ramping up, which requires the MAPBGA in extended temperature range (although the memory size may still just fit). Would it not make more sense to keep the MCF52259CVN80 rather than the MCF52256VN80 since that should cover all production in MAPBGA?


In the case of M5221x parts mainly LQFP and QFN devices are being discontinued. The remaining ones in this package are however smaller and slower than the ones that are presently being used for production, and have less UARTs.


In both cases a redesign of the boards to use different packages (only last purchase has expired) look unavoidable.


There are some other Coldfires on the list but I didn't check those closely but they may affect other manufacturers.


Finally, the discontinuation is not shown for many parts on the product selection web page, where they are shown as active (some with J at the end are shown as discontinued but their recommended replacement parts then point to parts on the list which will also be discontinued).






P.S. The images below show quickly the changes with regards to the two families mentioned above.