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SabreSD Kernel Not booting from TFTP

Question asked by Makis Livadas on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2013 by Makis Livadas

Have iMX6q SabreSD board, that boots OK from SD card to Android.

I build basic Linux Kernel (minimal profile) and setup TFTP on the board.

I am using u-boot from Android SD card to boot Kernel via TFTP with NFS root file system.

TFTP is OK, as tftpboot will load the kernel to memory. When I use bootm to boot the kernel image the kernel boot will start but will fail very quickly and reboot the board. I tried a few kernel arguments by setting the bootargs environment variable in u-boot but did not have any success. I also tried to boot the kernel binary supplied by Freescale and it fails in the same way.


Any tips on how to do this? Setting bootargs looks tricky and there seems to be to many options to choose from which can be prone to error.