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TWR-K20D72M with Freescale MQX RTOS 3.8 BSP for TWR-K20D72M demo not run

Question asked by yogesh patel on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by Anthony Huereca


I have  TWR-K20D72M and TWR-SER and I read the quick start pdf of the TWR-K20D72M .

Now I am looking for the Example so that I can use both of them together .  By surcharging on the internet I found withFreescale MQX RTOS 3.8 BSP for TWR-K20D72M its possible . so I installed it on my computer. I have also built the Build PSP library and Build BSP library in code warrior .


and as suggested in the K20D72M Standalone Package Release Notes I want to run the security_telnet demo with my tower system .


But the problem is I can not find any code warrior fine in the security_telnet folder .

Can any one suggest me how and I open build and run the security_telnet project with code warrior .


The second question I have is I also have TWR-SER2 module and TWR-IND-IO module .Can I use there two module with TWR-K20D72M . I read in the manual the TWR-SER is supported but I have seen if it supports TWR-SER2 module and TWR-IND-IO module .



Thanks in advance.