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Controlling Pins on MPC56xx

Question asked by Ray Hall on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by Petr Stancik

I am new to all things Freescale. I am trying to learn by starting with the most basic project. This is to flash a LED. This is my code.


#include "MPC5633M.h"


void Delay(void){

  uint16_t x;

  uint16_t y;


  for(x=0;x<50;x++) {

      for(y=0;y<1000;y++) {






int main(void) {


  SIU.PCR[188].R = 0x0200;  /* Enable pin for LED1 (EMIOS9) as output*/ 



  /* Loop forever */

  for (;;) {



    SIU.GPDO[2].R &= 0x07000000;  /* Enable LED1*/


    SIU.GPDO[2].R |= 0x08000000;  /* Disable LED1*/   




It does not work. Good reasion for this is the magic numbers like 0x0200, 0x07000000, 0x08000000. I have no idea what these are, or how to set them correctly.