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CodeWarior 6.2 & USB-ML-CF

Discussion created by Boris Volkov on Jul 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2007 by CrasyCat

I am using  Development Board M5213EVB and external debugger USB-ML-CF (vendor P&E Microcontroller Systems). I have a problem while loading sample  program code to the target controller. I have performed the following steps:


1. Installed CodeWarior (version 6.2,build 11) , included to KIT.

2. Compiled the sample project “M5213EVB CONSOLE-SRAM” from catalog (CodeWarrior_Examples)\M5213EVB.

3. Pressed button [ |> ] to debug the program. CodeWarior began to load the program to target controller, but loading process broke with the error message “ PEMicro Protocol Plugin: An Error occurred while trying to write memory” or error message “ Could not set PC to entry point”


What I have to do to solve this problem?