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Trying to build LTIB Linux kernel with GPU disabled / HDMI enabled on imx6 platform

Question asked by Dan Driscoll on Jun 5, 2013
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We are doing some work / integration in an AMP environment on the imx6 sabre lite board where we want one Linux kernel instance running on 1 core of the imx6q SoC configured with LVDS/Touchpanel support and GPU/hardware acceleration and another Linux kernel instance running on a different core that uses HDMI for a display and does NOT have the GPU enabled.


Basically just looking for some device / resource partitioning advice on how to build our 2 kernel images - we seem to have the kernel image with the LVDS/Touchpanel/GPU configured and working appropriately, but we are having issues building and running with the HDMI/no GPU configuration.


We are using LTIB L3.0.35_1.1.0_121218.


Any help is appreciated.