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Choose ROM-only FS+HIVE-based Registry on iMX53 WinEC7 cannot boot up

Question asked by Holy Yuan on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by Adeneo Engineering Team

Dear all ,

    I use the Freescale iMX53 platform with the WinCE 7 OS to realize auto-saving the system's settings by BINFS+HIVE registry method. At first we choose the method in the following link: How to support MultiBIN(BINFS) on SDMMC for Freescale IMX5x WinCE 6.0/7.0 BSP -blog archive

      I just changed the kernel size (IMAGE_BOOT_NKIMAGE_SIZE) from 48M to 96M,otherwise the kernel xip.nb0 cannot boot up.Then in the catalog items, we add the  RAM adn ROM File System and Hive based Registry,  clean sysgen  ,after the xip.nb0 and eboot.nb0 burning to SD, the winCE 7 system run well except that the system can not save setttings after power off. However, when I add adn ROM-only File System and Hive based Registry,after building success, the  kernel xip.nb0 cannot boot up to log in the WinCE7 OS.

So what's the problem it is ? Is the ROM-only File System Item has any problems? I really confused by this problem.

Pls help me , thanks a lot!!!