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TWR-K70F120, USB problem

Question asked by Stanislav Havranek on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Anthony Huereca



Do you have any experience with USB on K70?

I have tower K70F120M kit and I am looking for some example code with usb device what will running on this tower...


Examples in CodeWarrior 10.2 are only for K60. When I tried to use "usb_device" example, the code is still waiting in loop for PLL lock.


I found on web and downloaded a package (Kinetis 120MHz bare metal sample code) and I tried to use a project K70-USBFS_device.

The code is running and communicating over COM port but PC can't enumerate the device on USB. I have message about unknown device...


Do you have any advice what I do badly?